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The sea of information in CX can be difficult to navigate. Searching takes up too much time and sometimes you don’t even know if the source is trustworthy. With 20 years experience in the industry, we can relate! 

CXpanda was created by the European Customer Consultancy to make CX knowledge accessible. It is a learning platform for professionals, consultants, students, and organisations wishing to get easy access to practical CX resources.

We hope you enjoy using CXpanda to stay ahead of the curve!

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CXpanda makes it easy to access comprehensive overviews for popular topics in customer experience, such as CX strategy, emotional intelligence, customer-centric culture, customer journey management, and many more.

The content is supported by case studies, article and podcast summaries, and short videos.

We collate insights from a comprehensive list of reputable sources. The content quality is guaranteed by our rigorous 3 step vetting process at the end of which recognized industry leaders approve each publication.

In addition to our curated content, we offer a range of tools and resources to advance your CX skills. Our quizzes and assessments help you identify the gaps and you can close them by
selecting partner events and courses from our CX calendar.

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