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Olga Potaptseva

CEO and Founder


Customer Advisory Board Member

Ian Golding

CEO and Founder

Customer Experience Consultancy

Eytan Hattem

Chief Customer Officer


Customer Advisory Board Member

Olga Potaptseva is a Founder of CXPanda and a Top15 global CX consultant.

She works with organizations worldwide to enable customer-informed operating models that benefit the customers, the employees and the bottom line.

Some of her recent notable projects include delivering over £100k OPEX whilst increasing customer satisfaction by 11% for a UK-based insurer, process re-engineering to address key customer pain points and x2 conversion rate for a European bank, defining strategy, policies & procedures and a customer-centric roadmap for an organisation in the Middle East, and implementing an award-winning customer-informed operating model for a global pharmaceutical company.

With 15 years in leadership roles, Olga observed that companies often overspend on CX education without making it operational. She aims to change this with CXPanda, providing resources for CX planning, education, strategy sessions, and customer insight.

Olga is proud to have created the first knowledge base for the CX industry!

Ian Golding is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

In his corporate career spanning 17 years, he has worked with The Royal Bank of Scotland, GE Commercial Finance, GE Reinsurance and Brake Brothers Foodservice. In his last permanent role as Head of Group Customer Experience, Ian developed and deployed the Customer Experience strategy for one of Europe’s largest online retailers – Shop Direct. Ian has published over 500 articles on the subject and delivered keynote speeches globally.

Ian also served on the inaugural Board of Directors of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Ian was the first person in the world to be authorized by the CXPA to teach the CCXP accreditation.

Eytan is an executive in Customer Experience, with international expertise in the Digital Transformation domain.

In his corporate career spanning 17 years, he has worked with The Royal Bank of Scotland, GE Commercial Finance, GE Reinsurance and Brake Brothers Foodservice. In his last permanent role as Head of Group Customer Experience, Ian developed and deployed the Customer Experience strategy for one of Europe’s largest online retailers – Shop Direct. Ian has published over 500 articles on the subject and delivered keynote speeches globally.

Ian also served on the inaugural Board of Directors of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Ian was the first person in the world to be authorized by the CXPA to teach the CCXP accreditation.

Sandra Thompson


The Ei Evolution

Frances Chapireau

Founder, CX Consultant and Facilitator

Build CX

Customer Advisory Board Member

Bérengère Roux

Founder & Digital Senior Consultant

Sparkle Digital Conseil

Customer Advisory Board Member

Sandra Thompson is the UK’s first Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach. She founded Exceed all Expectations in 2010 to improve customer and employee experience, rebranding to The Ei Evolution in 2021 to focus on emotional intelligence.

Sandra believes emotional intelligence can transform business behaviors and relationships. While continuing her customer experience work, she now also works with schools, teaching young people emotional intelligence to help them thrive.

Frances is an independent consultant specializing in Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of Customer (VoC) programs for B2B and B2C. She helps Customer Insight and CX teams improve communication, collaboration, and drive change.

Frances focuses on cross-functional engagement and co-creation, turning insights into action. She introduces the LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ method, a technique for thinking, communication, and problem-solving. This method helps teams understand customer needs, align on service visions, redesign customer journeys, and create customer-centric decision-making principles.

With over 18 years of experience in digital transformation strategy and implementation, I Bérengère help CEO’s, Marketing Directors, and Business Owners develop a digital plan that leads to the sustainability and growth of their business.
She works to achieve key business objectives with the use of digital technology.

The areas of her expertise include: online sales development and lead generation, process and workflows optimization, resources allocation to high-value productive activities and many more.

Customer Experience Lead

The Ei Evolution

Customer Advisory Board Member

deBBie akwara

Founder & Group CEO

Niche Customer Experience Group

Dr. Ahmad Al Tarawneh

Senior Transformation Advisor

Dubai Police

Elena is an experienced CX and marketing professional with combining care about employees with the focus on customers. 

Active member of international CX communities – speaker, trainer, writer.

Created and teaches a course on Customer experience for Residential Real Estate in 2021.

deBBie Akwara is a leader in African Business Transformation, heading a CX consultancy and an EdTech startup. She focuses on transforming businesses and increasing profits through a human-centered approach, enhancing product, customer, brand, and employee experiences.

With 20+ years of experience across banking, telecommunications, education, retail, manufacturing, fintech, and healthcare, she has led groundbreaking projects. She co-designed Africa’s first globally recognized CX certification courses for various professional levels.

A 4-time Top 50 Global CX Thought Leader & Influencer, deBBie aims to empower businesses to optimize resources, revolutionize customer interactions, and achieve significant profits while fostering a culture centered on employees and customers.

Ahmad is an award-winning Executive Transformation Consultant, named “Digital Transformation Leader of the Year.” He excels in pioneering projects for digital readiness, organizational quality, customer happiness, and employee satisfaction.

Ahmad navigates multimillion-dollar projects, aligning change management with organizational and market needs. Fluent in English and Arabic, he communicates effectively across global teams. His passions include CX, DX, TX, metaverse, digital twins, AI, data analytics, process automation, and smart cities.

Certified in numerous fields, Ahmad holds titles like Certified Metaverse Expert, LSSBB, and PRINCE 2 Practitioner. He led Dubai Police CX team to win five categories at the International CX Awards, including a Gold Award in Customer Centricity and CX Leader of the Year.

Business change maker

for human organizations

Marcelo Nardini

General Director

WOW! Customer Experience

Diane Magers

Founder and CEO

Experience Catalysts

Nick Van Langendonck leads Unbossers, promoting ‘corporate organizations that do good’ and succeed by caring for people and society. He lectures on organization design and strategic management at Antwerp Management School and the University of Antwerp.

Previously, he was a partner at Pebble Wave, supporting purpose-driven startups, and founded Hifluence, a training agency. Nick has co-founded around 20 startups and guided the transformation of hierarchical corporations.

His skills include employee empowerment, executive guidance, storytelling, leadership development, driving change, and management consulting.

Senior Executive with more than 20 years of experience in multinational corporations, Marcelo has been the co-founder and General Manager at WOW! Customer Experience, a Customer Experience consulting firm with a strong presence in LATAM. In this role he has led and managed more than 400 projects for more than 80 clients in Latin America.

He has solid knowledge and experience in business transformation, commercial processes, sales channel development, systems implementation, Change Management and Customer Centric strategy development, especially in the B2B industrial market. In addition, he has been a speaker at several face-to-face and online events.

Diane is a passionate experience transformation executive, change agent, and thought leader for engaging associates, customers, and partners. With over 25 years of experience, she specializes in embedding customer and experience capabilities into organizations, driving financial impact through Experience Management.

She has transformed experiences for brands like Sysco, AT&T, State Farm, Dale Carnegie, and Cisco. Diane is the Emeritus Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and CEO of Experience Catalysts, an Experience Management consultancy. She holds an MS in Clinical Psychology and an MBA, along with multiple certifications in CX-related fields.


Customer Experience Romania

CXPanda Content Contributor

Matthieu Bonelli

Founder & CX Specialist


CXPanda Content Contributor

Laura Tengerdi

Head of CX – Managing Director


CXPanda Content Contributor

Gabriela Ciupitu, a Certified CX Professional and co-founder of Customer Experience Romania, is dedicated to transforming CX internationally. She connects customers and employees with brands through emotions and judgment.

Gabriela promotes CX in Central and South-East Europe, setting global standards through events with CXPA and Awards International. Her customer-centered approach earned her recognition, including a nomination to the Board of Directors at Customer Institute. She’s also a judge at Customer Experience and Customer-Centric Awards and a co-author of the best-selling book “Customer Experience 4” on Amazon.

Matthieu Bonelli founded CXMania, a consultancy aiding e-commerce leaders in creating comprehensive CX Programs. He serves as both advisor and facilitator, guiding teams towards customer-centricity.

With a career focused on Customer Experience, Matthieu worked with top e-commerce firms like Zalando and Casper, delivering value through various projects. He continues to support e-commerce organizations in collecting customer feedback and enhancing business performance.

Laura began her career at Unilever, spending 18 years there and later joining GE, Budapest Bank in 2013. As part of the senior management team, she oversaw marketing, communications, and customer experience initiatives. Since 2020, she has led the Hungarian chapter of CXPA.

In May 2022, Laura joined UniCredit Bank as Customer Experience Director, also overseeing Complaint Management. She holds international accreditation as a Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and was recognized as one of the top 100 Customer Experience Opinion Leaders globally in 2021. Laura frequently speaks at marketing and CX conferences and serves as a Judge at Award Ceremonies.

Senior Manager

Commercial Banking

Lee Kemp

VP of Customer Experience


Dr. James D. Borderick

Competitive Benchmark Expert


Verified Consultant | NPS & CX Metrics

With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, in 2018 Silvia joined Banco Santander as Senior Manager of Commercial Banking and Wealth Management, motivated by

With over 20 years in the tech industry, Silvia joined Banco Santander in 2018 as Senior Manager of Commercial Banking and Wealth Management, driven by the goal of operational excellence and enhancing user experience.

She believes technology is crucial for business success and fostering human connections. Silvia promotes Santander’s transformation towards a more customer-centric culture in Argentina, aiming for genuine client relationships and personalized experiences.

Silvia is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and equal opportunities, always seeking to be part of the solution.

A people-focused and results-driven leader in Customer Experience (CX), Operations and Supply Chain, with over 20 years of leadership experience. Lee has developed and led successful, award winning global

CX programs and strategies for Fortune 500 companies, leveraging advanced analytics and innovation to drive truly best-in-class performance and customer experiences.

A US Army officer combat Veteran driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact through purposeful leadership and transformative ideas. Lee holds an MBA, MPA and a bachelor’s degree from top-tier universities with additional certifications in Training Development, Change Management and Lean practices.

Over a span of seven years, in his last role as Master Strategist and Head of Customer Experience Analytics, Dr. James spearheaded NPS Competitive Benchmarking for Micro Focus and

previously Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He led the comprehensive competitive analysis, informing product and business enhancements to fulfil customer expectations better.

With unique expertise, Dr. James is the recognised authority in customer experience benchmarking and competitive analysis, encompassing technologies, theories, and techniques. Holding a Ph.D. in Space Plasma Physics, being a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and first and foremost a scientist, he has combined the knowledge therein into Customer Experience, making him one of the few individuals globally to link NPS to future revenue successfully.

Jo van Riemsdijk

Director & Founder

CX Talent Ltd

James Elliott

Principal Consultant


Olga is an executive leader in innovation management and Technology Transfer, with expertise in AI/ML commercialization, IP management, technology scouting, and strategic marketing research. She also specializes in ESG/sustainability finance, particularly in healthcare.

Her experience includes international expansion, supporting startups, and collaborating with non-profits, government agencies, and industry leaders across sectors like Digital Health, AI/ML, and Energy. Olga’s ability to connect with diverse stakeholders drives innovation and fosters strategic alliances.

Passionate about sustainability and emerging technologies, Olga is a valuable resource for navigating the evolving technological landscape.

Jo focuses on fostering meaningful connections in CX, Digital Experience, and Service Design across various levels, from executive to middle management. Her consultative approach and transparency drive success in CX disciplines like strategy, insight, design, and engagement.

As the founder of CX Talent Ltd, an Independent Customer Experience Recruitment Consultancy, Jo specializes in fulfilling challenging roles across sectors. From leadership to mid-level management, she addresses diverse aspects like transformation, customer insight, engagement, strategy, design, and operations.

James, a seasoned CX professional, has a 20-year career dedicated to revolutionizing customer experience and organizational culture through technology and innovative techniques. Recognized as a thought leader, he consistently achieves 200% gains in NPS and CSAT, delivering over £20 million in net benefits.

James excels in award-winning CX program designs, crafting impactful customer journeys and activating insights for organizational alignment. He specializes in transforming service propositions and contact strategies to elevate customer satisfaction while keeping businesses agile in the digital landscape.

CEO and Chartered Psychologist

IB, the Behavioural Strategy Agency

As a Chartered Psychologist and Partner at ‘Innovationbubble.eu’, Simon brings a wealth of experience in behavioral science, with over a century of collective expertise in understanding customer and employee behavior. He integrates deep psychological insights to complement customer data, resulting in communications that are not only relevant but also emotionally engaging and inspiring.

Through extensive psychological training, Simon uncovers the underlying needs and values driving customer and employee behavior, leveraging this understanding to enhance CX, drive sales growth, and foster trust within organizations. Additionally, Simon is a published author in psychology literature, a sought-after speaker at international conferences, and a facilitator of training workshops on psychological insights, change management, and effective communication strategies.