How to get support from the CEO

I don’t get any support from the CEO.

How can I ensure they drive customer-centricity from the top?

Think about the CEO as an employee and a human being. They are not an expert in every discipline, and in most departments, they would expect people and technology to cope just fine without their direct involvement. They may be very likely to have had experiences in the past where, for example, a Finance Director asks for accounting software and doesn’t expect the CEO to foster the ‘right adoption culture’. How would they know CX and customer-centricity are any different?

It is your responsibility as a customer-centricity professional to educate your CEO and agree on specific things they need to do to foster a customer-centric culture.

Your pitch needs to align with their priorities:

1. Strategic Leadership and Vision

You can check out the CX Strategy resources here.

2. Financial Performance and Stakeholder Value:

To appeal to most CEOs, your customer-centricity initiatives need to be justified by a business case.

Check out the ROI of CX here to explore the main business KPIs you can link with your initiatives.

3. Organizational Culture and Talent Management:

Most CEOs may not intuitively understand the link between talent and customers.
How can you help them meet their objective of recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent?
Will your efforts help make an organization more effective and successful?

The most important thing you can do is to build an intrinsic motivation to develop a culture of serving a higher purpose beyond financial gain:

You may get further inspiration on Employee Experience here and Customer Centric culture by following the links.

CEOs are very busy people with much pressure and responsibilities being placed on them. Keep your pitch clear, short, and to the point. If you need your CEO to do something, avoid vague statements such as ‘foster a customer-centric culture’ or ‘advocate customer centricity.’ Be specific about the actions you expect and ensure it is in their diary.

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