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Pricing Plans

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Essential Customer- Centricity Knowledge
Key building blocks
Value of customer-centricity
Curated and verified CX knowledge
€12 / Month
In-Depth Practical Customer-Centricity Content
All Basic benefits
Easy AI-enabled search
Case studies
Best practice
Common mistakes
Future trends
Downloadable resources
From €349 / Month
Customer-Centricity Solutions Designed For Your Complex Needs
AI-search widget
Advanced customization
Slack, Teams or browser integration
Unlimited users
700 AI replies / month
Full access to CXPpanda content
Bespoke consulting and training programs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all essential information on 20 main CX topics, from journey mapping to emotional intelligence. New topics and updates are added every few weeks. In addition to theoretical information we publish case studies, article and podcast summaries, quick guides and main innovation trends. Additional resources are availaible in Giant plans (for teams), e.g. CX for non-CX colleagues, guidebooks for workshops and much more.

We take our content from a list of approved CX magazines, podcasts and books. As a rule we do not accept direct contributions that haven’t gone through a reputable editorial process, for example this includes articles published on LinkedIn or own websites. Our team of content creators uses the content to create summaries which are then checked by our founder Olga Potaptseva, a global CX specialist with over 20 years experience. It is further scrutinised by our content verifiers – external CX professionals with a proven track record of success in their specialist field. In case of dispute our Customer Advisory board makes the final decision. You can find more information in our CX Experts section.

CXpanda uses human intelligence and draws on collective real-life experience of the CX industry experts. Its sources are always reliable, verifiable and practical. CXpanda harvests the wealth of content created in CX, analyses its validity and organises in an easy to use form

No, we source content from approved magazines, podcasts and books. For the content to be considered in needs to have been verified by an established CX editor and approved by our Customer Advisory Board.

CXpanda is a brand of the European Customer Consultancy (ECC) led by Olga Potaptseva, CCXP. ECC works with large companies and organisations in over 20 countries and specialises in agile CX implementation. Olga is the founder of ECC and an author of the globally certified Agile CX Implementation toolkit. She promotes CX as a business discipline through her role as a consultant, author, speaker and an Executive Director at the Customer Institute.

You can use the search function, email our [email protected] or go to the relevant CX topic and browse Article & Podcast summaries

There are two premium plans. Pro plan is suitable for individuals and provides access to all definitions, best practice, common mistakes, case studies, future trends, article & podcast summaries, quizes and downloads. Giant plan for teams of up to 10 people includes all Pro benefits plus assessment tools, how-to playbooks, CX for non-CX colleagues leaflets, special discounts for trainings and more. Click here to find out more

You can cancel your subscription by emailing [email protected], going to your profile or cancelling with PayPal

We aim to make trustworthy basic CX knowledge easily accessible to everyone, that’s why our Basics for all CX topics are free. To ensure we are able to provide high quality content and design we must pay our content creators, designers and developers, hence the premium content cannot be produced free of charge. We do not pay our content verifiers or the customer advisory board who very generously donate their time for the benefit of all CX professionals.

We add or update content every 2-3 weeks

You can email [email protected] with any CX questions and we will find the best expert to answer it. Alternatively post your question in CX Buzz – CX Discussions section