Where should the CX team sit in an organization?

Where should the CX team sit in an organization?

There is no definitive organizational tree for CX, but rather, CX roles and responsibilities reflect your organization’s needs and CX maturity.

The CX team’s core objective is to ensure everybody in the organization understands their role in delivering a better customer experience and takes proactive steps to fulfil that role to their best potential. They should be placed where they have the highest potential to achieve these objectives, and sometimes, it means starting from within one function only.

Depending on the size, complexity, and objectives of your organization, you may want to consider one of the structures below.

Traditional structure

  • In a traditional CX structure, CX is typically represented by a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) who holds a senior leadership position. The CXO oversees the entire customer experience function and aligns it with the organization’s strategic goals.
  • This structure is more common in larger organizations with a well-established CX function. It reflects a high commitment to prioritizing customer experience at the executive level.
  • As a downside, the CX function is not embedded within the other functional areas and may lead to siloed thinking.

Demand-based structure

  • CX may not have a dedicated department or function in a demand-based structure. Instead, it could be integrated as a sub-function within departments like Marketing, Operations, or another relevant area. The level of focus on CX may vary based on the organization’s maturity in understanding and prioritizing customer experience.

  • This structure is often found in organizations with lower CX maturity, where CX is gradually evolving as part of broader business functions rather than a distinct entity.

Dispersed structure

  • The dispersed structure is an advanced form of CX organization. It combines elements of both the traditional and demand-based structures. It includes a senior CX executive, such as a CXO, who oversees the CX function. The CXO is supported by a team consisting of a Head of CX, CX managers, Customer Data analysts, VOC (Voice of Customer) and data analytics specialists, experience design specialists, and a network of CX specialists embedded within various organizational functions.
  • This structure is highly effective in organizations strongly dedicated to CX. It promotes collaborative cross-functional efforts towards delivering customer value and managing customer journeys.

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